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20 Jul 2023

Outsourcing Your Staff: Pros and Cons

At this point, many businesses are struggling to find the right path to recover from the pandemic. Companies need to pursue growth amidst an uncertain economic climate, and many are using caution before making any long-term plans or investments. Hiring staff is essential for growth but also a significant investment. Intelligent business owners are considering business process outsourcing to manage this cost feasibly to fill critical staffing needs while keeping costs in check.

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15 Jun 2023 Image thumbnail for '7 Useful Tips for Managing Remote Staff Effectively'

7 Useful Tips for Managing Remote Staff Effectively

As our world enters into these promising post-Covid days, it’s evident that hiring remote staff has remained a resulting popular trend during the pandemic. The idea has stuck well because business owners have realized it’s been great for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. However, overseeing a virtual crew like this does not typically come without challenges. Since Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is our realm at Acxelsus, we thought we would divulge some insightful things we’ve learned. So, just for you, here are seven useful tips for managing a remote team effectively.

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25 Mar 2022 Image thumbnail for 'Top tasks you can outsource to an offshore BPO team'

Top tasks you can outsource to an offshore BPO team

Many Australian small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to see the real value in handing over common business functions to business process outsourcing companies. Smart outsourcing enables businesses all around the world to improve their productivity, efficiency, and growth, with data from the US showing that 54% of companies outsource their tasks to connect with their customers.

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16 Feb 2022 Image thumbnail for 'How Business Process Outsourcing helps Companies recover from the Pandemic?'

How Business Process Outsourcing helps Companies recover from the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us by surprise and from early 2020 many businesses have been dealing with the challenges of balancing unpredictable cash flow whilst still providing efficient customer support. Business process outsourcing or BPO is an efficient, affordable and smart way to meet this need, with many companies reaping the benefits of experienced offshoring companies like Acxelsus.

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